Gwalior is a historical and major city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located to 319 kilometres (198 mi) south of Delhi the capital city of India, Gwalior occupies a strategic location in the Gird region of India, and the city and its fortress has been ruled under several historic northern Indian kingdoms. From the Tomars in the 13th century, it passed to the Mughals, then the Marathas under the Scindias (1754). Besides being the administrative headquarters of Gwalior district and Gwalior division, Gwalior situates many administrative offices of Chambal Division of northern Madhya Pradesh. Several administrative and judicial organizations, commissions and boards have their state as well as national headquarters situated in the city. Gwalior was the winter capital of the estwhile state Madhya Bharat which later became a part of the larger state Madhya Pradesh. Before Independence Gwalior remained a princely state of British Raj with Scindias as the local ruler. The high rocky hills surrounds the city from all sides, on the north it just forms the border of the Ganga- Yamuna Drainage Basin.the city however is situated on the valley between the hills of Plateau. Gwalior\'s metropolitan area includes Lashkar, Morar, Thatipur and the City center. Gwalior is especially known for it rich contribution to the history of India. Strategic events and times; from vedic ages to the Indian Rebellion of 1857 to the British Raj, Gwalior has emerged as a prominent place making it an important archaeological as well as historical site. The rich heritage of art and culture and especially contribution of Gwalior to the classical music is worth mentioning. Post independence, Gwalior has emerged as an important tourist attraction in central India as well as many industries and administrative offices came up within the city. Before the end of the 20th century it became a million plus agglomeration and now it is a metropolitan city in the central India.Gwalior is surrounded by industrial and commercial zones of neighbouring districts (Malanpur Bhind, Banmor � Morena) on all three main directions. Gwalior is one of the largest cities of Central India and is often referred to as the tourist capital of Madhya Pradesh; the state being called as The Heart of Incredible India. A recent report of World Health Organization found Gwalior to be the third-most polluted city in the world.

Country India
Language Spoken English,Hindi
Currency Rupee
Visa requirment no visa required