Darbhangā is a municipal corporation and the town of old Darbhanga Raj and present headquarters of Darbhanga district and Darbhanga Division in the state of Bihar, India. Darbhanga is 5th largest city of Bihar & has been developing rapidly. After Patna Darbhanga is big medical hub of Bihar and border cities of Nepal as well. It is one of the most important district and big city of north Bihar situated in the very heart of Mithilanchal.[1] Darbhanga is also the headquarters of Darbhanga division. Darbhanga has a big market and trading centre in North Bihar. According to the latest 2011 census, the total population of the district is 3,921,971, of which about 91.30% live in rural areas. There are 511,125 people in scheduled castes, while there are only 841 people in scheduled tribes; together, they account for 15.53% of the total population. The total male population is 2,053,043, with the female population being 1,868,928. The population density is as high as 1,721 per km2 and the sex ratio is 910.[2] 290,889 families were below the poverty line, with 1,745,334 people (66.28% of the population).

Country India
Language Spoken English,Hindi
Currency Rupee
Visa requirment no visa required